Spal Fan - 16" S/12V

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SPAL Electric FAN

16" Straight Blade 12Volts

Tested these in E28, E21, E30, E36, E46 (M models as well). And many more!

Manufactered in Italy

SELECT Pusher fan for mounting at the front of the radiator

SELECT Puller fan for mounting on the engine side (for vehicles that normally keep a/c)

16" Straight Blade Low Profile Fan / 12V Puller From our low profile fan line this fan is ideal for use in today's automobiles where space is a requirement. Can be used to replace the original OEM radiator fan intercooler fan or AC condenser fan. It features a fully sealed waterproof/dustproof motor. Each fan is individually balanced for long life.

*** Select Relay kit for easy Installation. Built in Relay and Temp Probe. This is what works on German Cars! SPAL unit is hard to wire up. This wire kit is easy to do and works!