Cooling Hose Kit M42 Model

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One kit does it all. See part numbers below and compare.

High quality product to last years and years.

OEM replacement as a direct fit. Designed to withstand much higher pressures and temperatures than any original equipment hose.  Each kit has been designed and developed in the USA. These hoses not only make a great insurance policy on a standard car, but they’re also an essential upgrade on a remapped or modified machine.

* Interior Material: Nomex
* Exterior Color: Black
* Exterior Material: Silicone
* Max Temperature: 330 F

318 E30 Model - 12 pieces OEM made in to 14

11531717622 - Radiator Coolant Hose
11531717620 - Radiator Coolant Hose
11531709052 - Engine Coolant Recovery Tank Hose
11531721846 - Engine Coolant Hose
13541739235 - Engine Coolant Hose
13541739248 - Air Hose
11531721847 - Radiator Coolant Hose
11151739266 - Cooling System Vent Hose
11531714636 - Engine Coolant Hose
64211386691 - Engine Coolant Return Hose
64211386690 - HVAC Heater Hose
13411721907 - Fuel Injection Idle Air Control Valve Hose